The Cluff Club

Welcome to our adoption blog!  We’re Jake and Cindy Cluff, we live in Mesa Arizona and we’re excited to adopt!  We’ve known since before we were married that conceiving a child was just not in the cards for us so we’ve been looking forward to adoption for years and can hardly believe that it finally can happen!
We aren’t sure which of the four corners of the earth our little sweetheart is going to come from but we DO know that no matter where he or she is we are ready and can hardly wait to give this baby all of our love.
Please feel free to browse around this blog to learn more about us, see what we’re up to and contact us if you feel like it!  We would also REALLY appreciate if you share the blog with your friends and family, even sharing it one time can make a huge difference!

God bless!

-The Cluffs

cindycluffWEB 111


One thought on “The Cluff Club

  1. Congratulations 🙂 We just brought home our daughter from Bulgaria, this past January. Adoption is an amazing journey. Praying your journey is just as amazing as ours was 🙂

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